Fireman Wood Cutout
Fireman Wood Cutout

Fireman Wood Cutout

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Use this fireman, fire axe themed wood cutout to make wall decorations or a nice retirement gift for your favorite fireman. Your cutout will come unfinished and you can paint or decorate it as you like. This item is available in the small version (2 to 12 inches) or in the large version (13 to 25 inches).

Your selected size will always be measured from the widest part of the shape. A mermaid 7" tall may only be 3" wide. A walrus may be 7" wide but only 3" tall.

Select between 1/4 inch sanded plywood or 1/8 inch hardboard.

Very Important Notes when ordering:

The plywood is sanded on both sides and can be flipped over to have the shape looking in the opposite direction. Great for plaques, making ear rings or other like applications.

Hardboard is only finished on one side and good for mounting to walls or plaques where you will be painting the surface.

**HARDBOARD IS NOT WOOD. IT IS SOMETIMES CALLED HIGH DENSITY FIBER BOARD. It is what they make the brown clipboards out of. It is a material made from wood fibers compressed into sheets, having many household and industrial uses**

The hole option is for those wanting a small hole for hanging. Please be specific as to where you want the hole and what the hole will be used for so we will know how big to make it. For very small shapes, it will naturally have a very small hole.